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The Greatest Giver


The Greatest Giver


Mark 12:41-44


For all they did cast in of their abundance; but she of her want did cast in all that she had, even all her living,” Mark 12:44.



Does God need anything? Is He somehow deficient if we do not obey Him, or is He completely self-sufficient? I hope you know the answer to these questions. By faith, we can say, “No, God needs nothing. He is absolutely self-sufficient.” Then, we must follow-up that question with this one: “Why does He ask us to give of our time, energy and money to Him?” If He owns everything, even the “cattle upon a thousand hills” (Psalm 50:10), then why would He request us to share what we have with Him?


In today’s text, I wonder if the poor widow who gave two small copper coins ever had a similar thought. “Surely, the God of creation does not need me to give this penny.” But she gave her offering anyway, and what Jesus said next gives us insight as to why God asks our financial involvement in His work. Some very rich people gave large offerings out of their prosperity, but Jesus said that what the poor widow gave was more than what the rich people gave. Jesus opens our eyes to see that what God wants most is our trust. He absolutely does not need our financial contributions, but when we do give God our time, energy and resources, it is a sign of faith and dependence upon Him. The more we give to God, the more we depend upon Him to care for our every need. The poor widow was “all in”—she was 100% dependent upon God to care for her, and God was pleased.






Will you give God one hundred percent today?



Mark Clements



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