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118 – April 28 – This Day in Baptist History Past


Evangelize or Fossilize


T. T. Martin was born on April 28, 1862, in smith county, Mississippi. In his youth the lad desired to become a lawyer. While preparing for his chosen career, T. T. Martin experienced a growing burden to preach.  Following intense self-examination, he surrendered to the leading of the Holy Spirit and devoted himself to prepare for the ministry. To support himself, he served as professor of Natural Science from 1886 to 1888 at which time he enrolled in Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.  In 1900 a new door was opened to evangelism, and T. T. Martin began a full-time evangelistic ministry.  Protracted Meetings ran from fifteen to twenty-one days, and the man of God preached twice daily and four times each Lord’s Day. His schedule often kept him on the road for six months at a time.  As demands for his services continued to proliferate, T. T. Martin organized a corps of gospel singers and evangelists.  He booked these men throughout the country.  This group was named the Blue Mountain Evangelists, and he chose choice men whose singing and preaching was Christ-centered.  Somehow, midst his strenuous schedule of evangelism, T. T. Martin authored a number of books.  He continued in his active ministry until the last few months of his life, entering the presence of his Lord on May 23, 1939.


Dr. Dale R. Hart adapted from:  This Day in Baptist History III (David L. Cummins) p.p.  246   –   247



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J. R. GRAVES – Life, Times and Teaching – 1


ORREN LUICO HAILEY was born in Fayette County, Tennessee, on June 21, 1852, the son of Luico S. and Elizabeth H. Hailey. He Attended several Tennessee colleges, receiving an A.B. Degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological University at Jackson, Tennessee, in 1878. In 1884 he completed study at the Southern Baptist Seminary at Louisville, Kentucky. In 1895, Mississippi College conferred upon him a Doctor of Divinity Degree. On October 14, 1885, he married Nora S. Graves, a daughter of J.R. Graves. They became the parents of six children. Hailey was ordained to the ministry in 1879 and pastored churches in Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas and Texas. The present volume was published in 1929. Hailey died on February 10, 1934.

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