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Oh God, if I could but impart

The thankfulness that swells my heart

For each and every little thing . . .


Like color bursts announcing spring,

The shaded spots the trees have brought,

The sunshine brightening every thought . . .

The squirrels playing on my lawn,

The eventide . . . the still, new dawn . . .

The fragrant smell of brown leaves burned,

The fresh black dirt where earth is turned –

So many small things such as these

Have done so much my life to please

My whole life long would be of praise

To God, the Keeper of my days


Beverly Enderby Kimzey



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After the snow of winter,
Spring will surely come,
Bringing warmth and beauty
Of blossoms and birdsong.

After the rain, the swallow
Will soar again on high,
And a rainbow follow
In a sunlit sky.

After the tears of sorrow,
Spirits will renew,
And a bright tomorrow
With God’s help see you through.

Elsie Natalie Brady

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So runs my litany of lovely things,
That I recite when I have need of words
To cheer my heart and stir my memory,
A cherry orchard bright with humming birds,
The tinkle of a narrow woodland stream,
Over smooth white stones on yellow sand,
Lazy hours on a windy hill,
Where shady oaks and spreading chestnuts stand.

So runs my litany of lovely things,
The long low whistle of a midnight train,
The glow of fireflies through the purple dusk,
The fresh earth smell that follows summer rain.
The scent of jasmine on a restless breeze,
An orange moon about whose shoulders fall
Airy clouds of grey, swept gracefully
Into deep folds that form a star fringed shawl.

Quiet hours when the drowsy hum
Of crickets reach across the edge of sleep,
The soft swish of the waves against the shore,
The ever changing colors of the deep,
The beautiful awareness of a world
To which the Infinite so closely clings
The mystic vividly made manifest,
…So runs my litany of lovely things.

Grace E. Easley

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A little bitty worry
Started early in the day;
By noon, it seemed my worry
Hovered, standing in my way;
The things and thoughts I should have had
Got buried in my mind,
Until my little worry turned
Into the horrid kind.
By bedtime, i was frantic –
What to do, oh, what to do!
And then I couldn’t go to sleep,
For worrying – fretting, too.
By morning I was almost sick,
When suddenly and soon,
My worry had been all worked out
Before the toll of noon;
Then I looked back and saw my worry
Just for what it was –
A thing that didn’t happen,
As a worry seldom does.

Bonnie Daisy Nelson

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Can you say in parting with the day
that’s slipping fast,

That you helped a single person of the
many you have passed?

Is a single life rejoicing over what you
did or said?

Does some on whose hopes were fading,
now with courage look ahead?

Did you waste the day or lose it, was
it well or poorly spent?

Did you leave a trend of kindness, or a
scar of discontent?

As you close your eyes in slumber, do you
think that God would say —

You have made the world much better
for the life you’ve lived today?

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