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Divine Guidance

Psalm 25:9; Psalm 48:14; Isaiah 42:16

Would you not agree that if we are Divinely Delivered, should we not yield to Divine Guidance. If you agree, then notice the meek God will guide. I like that passage. To often we travel in arrogance and pride. God says that He will guide the meek in judgment. This means we have to lose out pride and arrogance. This can happen through God’s judgment of our character. The rest of the passage says that God will teach His way. God has the desire that we will humble ourselves submit to His teaching.

Consider time. God is God forever. The Lord is my Savior and he will be with me for ever. His relationship with me is to be my guide the rest of my life. We men are notorious for needing a guide and not acknowledging it. We must humble ourselves and simply say, we must humble ourselves under an all knowing God. We must allow him to teach and guide us. His paths are best for us.

We have never trod this path before. For this reason we are the blind. We start our lives not knowing anything. Every step is a step we have never taken before. We are living blind. We need leadership. Our heavenly Father, our creator and the creator of this world has a path laid out for us. If we will submit our selves to the leadership of the Lord, we will have a better life. This is my desire. I pray it is your desire.

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MARCH 5 – He delivered me

MARCH 5 – He delivered me

II Samuel 22:18 – He delivered me from my strong enemy, and from them that hated me: for they were too strong for me.

What a wonderful declaration. I have been delivered. Let me what I have been delivered from. I have been delivered from the penalty of sin. Where I was condemned, now I am set free. Someone paid that sin penalty for me. Jesus took my place. He took the penalty of sin for me and died in my place. I have placed my faith, trust, and belief in Him as my savior.

O, what a Savior.


I have been delivered from ignorance. Once when I did not know about sin and condemnation, God, through His Word informed me of my condemnation and that justice was required. When I was set free of that ignorance then I sought the Lord. I was set free from the chains of bondage that held me in the cesspool of this wicked world. I was set free from the ignorance of the right life to live. I no longer live for my own pleasure or my own enjoyment. I live for the one that forgave me.

I have been delivered.

I have been delivered from false religion and false worship. I began life worshiping my self. Yes, I did everything that pleased me. Then I found a way to appease that part of me that said there was more. Therefore I started worshiping those things that I thought would get me to heaven. I tried to be good and I included baptism yet there was that part that was missing. I had never repented. I repented and was set free. I learned that God has set a path that I am to follow in for salvation. He has set the path for the type of life I should live. He has set the parameters for my worship of him.

I Have Been Delivered.

I have been delivered from the habit of sin. The chains have been broken that bound me to lying, cheating, and stealing. Continually every day as I study and learn God’s Word my mind is being reclaimed from the effects of humanism, that thought process that made me my own god. My mind is being reclaimed from the evil and ugly thoughts that once crowded my mind. My body is responding to this renewing of my mind. The outward is reflecting the inward. My speech is more becoming a child of God. My dress is more becoming a child of God. My conduct is more becoming a child of God. My desire is to exalt God and not self.

I Have Been Delivered. Have you been delivered from the world?

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Lost, Found, and Delivered

By a preach friend. Very well done.

By Joseph Caples
Lost, Found, and Delivered
Ephesians 2:1-10

When I was seven years old, my brother and I went on a trip with my parents to the Red Wood National Forest in California. I remember the trip quite well. While we were there, I remember my dad cautioning us about staying close to them. He told us there were a lot of wild and very dangerous animals living in the forest. But it’s always been said that boys will be boys. My brother and I could not resist the urge to explore. The forest was very beautiful. We soon found ourselves wandering down a small trail. Our parents were no where in sight. At first we were not afraid and were not aware that we were lost. But soon it began to get dark, ans we began to hear strange noises. We called out for our dad to come get us but we were so far away, he just couldn’t hear us. We began to run while screaming and crying. We were sure some wild animal would get us. By this time we knew we were lost and in desperate need of being rescued. Finally, we just gave up and sat down. We were terribly afraid. Before long, we heard a familiar voice calling out from among the trees. We listened carefully and heard the voice again calling out to us. It was our dad. He found us, and we realized we were safe. We knew we were going home.

The Bible tells us that those who do not know Jesus Christ as their Savior are lost. They wander aimlessly through a darkened world of sin. Some of them don’t know they are lost. For those who do realize it, unless they are given proper direction, they may give up in total dispair.

Have you ever had the feeling that every thing is hopeless? That no matter which way you turn you just can’t seem to find direction and purpose?

In the above passage of Scripture, Paul explains to us three different conditions of our souls and shows us that there is indeed a way out of the forest of sin.

1. What We Were
A. We were dead in sins v1
B. We were walking in sin v2
C. We were by nature children of sin v3
1. Without hope (Romans 3:10, 23)
2. Without Christ (Ephesians 2:12)

2. What we are now
A. We have mercy v4
B. We have life v5
C. We have grace v8
D. We have salvation v8

3. What We Shall Be
A. We shall be like Jesus (1 John 3:2)
B. We shall be with Jesus (John 14:3)
C. We shall be given a crown of glory (1 Peter 5:4)


When we accept Christ as our Savior, Jesus shows us the way to be free from a life of sin. We can then walk with confidence away from that great dark forest of sin full of wild beasts and never worry about being lost again. Are you in that forest? Have you discovered that you are lost and are wandering aimlessly through a world of sin? “Jesus came to seek and save those who are lost,” to safely guide them out of the forest, that they might not be afraid, and be assured they are going home!

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