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Beale Memorial Baptist


The issue was the Lordship of Christ

1774 – The Piscataway Baptist Church, located seven miles southwest of Tappahannock, Virginia, was founded, and on the same day a warrant was issued to arrest all the Baptist preachers at the meeting.  John Waller, John Shackleford, Robert Ware, and Ivison Lewis were taken before a magistrate.  Lewis was released because it could not be proved that he actually preached.  The others were sent to prison.  During their time there they preached twice per week, gave godly advice, read the scriptures, and prayed almost without ceasing.  John Waller in his journal wrote that they passed through various fiery trials, their minds being harassed by the enemy of souls.  The actual record has been preserved in the court record of the Essex County, VA, records book for the twenty-first of March, in the year of our Lord 1774.  The charge was, “for preaching and expounding the Scriptures contrary to law, and confessing the fact…”  Ware and Shackleford gave security (bond) and were released.  Waller was always doubtful about giving bond and was determined to go back to jail which he did and spent fourteen days with a bunch of drunken and profane rowdies.  He felt deserted by his brethren and scoffed and persecuted by his enemies.  He finally gave consent and bonded out.  The old brick courthouse building where those men were arraigned as lawbreakers is still standing on U.S. Route 17 in Tappahannock, and is now a Baptist church.  The members of the Centennial Baptist Church bought the old courthouse and used it as a house of worship.  The church changed its name in 1908 to Beale Memorial Baptist Church after Pastor Frank B. Beal who served as pastor for twenty-eight years.  This 234 year old church may be the oldest Baptist church in America.

Dr. Greg J. Dixon, from: This Day in Baptist History Vol. I: Cummins/Thompson /, pp. 103.

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231 – Aug. 19 – This Day in Baptist History Past


We Ought to Obey God Rather than Men


1950 – Three special law enforcement officers were sworn in by the La Sarre Police Department, in the Province of Quebec, Canada for the express purpose of corralling the activities of the street preachers in Montreal.  A sixteen-year-old Catholic youth heard the police give specific orders not to hit the pastor on the street but to take him to a private lot and beat him there.  At 8 pm that night the street preachers began their service, the police came and in defiance of the Canadian Constitution ended up beating the pastor four times, then  arrested him along with others, as he continued to preach the gospel of Christ.  During those years quite a few Baptist preachers were imprisoned in Quebec.  Among the better known men were, Wilson Ewin, Lorne Heron, Murray Heron, and Dr. William L. Phillips.  All together, these men and others served a total of forty-five sentences.  Quebec actually passed laws making the preaching against other religious beliefs in public and on Radio or TV a crime.  (This Day in Baptist History II: Cummins and Thompson, BJU Press: Greenville, S.C. 2000 A.D. pp.  455 – 56) Prepared by Dr. Greg Dixon


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Here We Go Again

In England, a street preacher has been arrested for saying that several things were sin. He says he enumerated several things that the Bible called sin to a woman on the street. A female policewoman apparently only hear that homosexuality was sin. She arrested him. There is a law that apparently can be construed to bring about his arrest.

The problem I see here is that freedom of speech is allowed for anyone but a christian. Muslim prayers may and can be offered in our schools in the United States but not a christian prayer. The hate crime laws have opened a chink that can be forced to write a law that would encompass hate speech. Any doubts about how that law would be enforced?

The Lord’s coming is soon. His wrath will be sudden, quick and severe. Even so come Lord Jesus!!


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