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Good Morning Quote ~02.16.19~

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W.A. Dillard

Hundreds of years before God gave the Hebrews the Old Testament Law, He set the cornerstone for the progress of civilization: capital punishment, Genesis 9:5-6. Additionally, His view of the criminal deeds of mankind is blatantly underscored in Holy Writ. Additionally, His instructions to His people included plain information about how to put evil away from them. Deut. 17-22. Parents were charged with the responsibility of turning in incorrigible children, even consenting to their just death, Deut. 21:20. One may protest that those instructions were valid under the Mosaic Law, and not under the dispensation of Grace. That would be correct other than the Genesis 9 reference, which predates O.T. Law. But the question remains, “Has God’s viewpoint toward sin and evil changed, or our responsibility lessened?” Obviously it has not changed since He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Are you thinking with me?
As the time of man’s present rule on earth comes speedily to an end, Satan has worked hard to inundate the world with material things. This has been a most effective softening tactic. For far too many the fear of losing those things has crippled the will to be responsible; to clearly delineate right from wrong; to call sin what it is, and to maintain law and order on the Judeo-Christian foundation of civilization.
So, the world, and particularly our nation sinks further each year into the quagmire of evil and degradation by rejecting the principles that make a nation great. Demonstrations abound of specific intent to sabotage order. This can only result in national and global anarchy as a ready stage for a dictator, the likes of which has yet to be seen on the world stage.
The good news is that although the sun may be going down on this age of grace, it has not yet set! It is still called today (the day of grace). Let the people of God everywhere be patient and faithful to sound the warning of the last days: “harden not your heart as in the provocation.” Psalm 95:8; Heb. 4:7. Let the words of the wise man, Solomon, be heard: “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.” Prov. 14:34. I am grateful to God that the old ship of Zion still sails faithfully upright in and through many of our Lord’s New Testament Churches. Let us pray for the strengthening of others in the Lord!

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William Andrew Dillard

Someone once said, “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing! How true!
In the hustle and bustle of daily life, one often finds his focus shifted away from the things of the Lord to a sort of cultural Christianity. Religious holidays are not observed by 
true churches of theLord, but, such days are recognized as federal holidays intended to honor the Christ of our salvation, and to some extent we are carried along in the force of it even though our understanding of it is quite different to that of the world.
Throughout the year we focus on our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. We should be studying about Him, praying to Him, talking about Him, and seeking to advance His cause. We must not get carried away from truth, in worldliness nor in misguided piety as some do pointing to Romans 9:3. Here they either pretend to love lost souls more than any human possibly could or else they live in anguish because they cannot love others to the degree they think is mentioned here. That verse states, “For I could wish that myself were accursed from Christ for my brethren, my kinsmen according to the flesh.” This verse needs to be looked over realistically in context of what Paul had experienced and was, in fact, saying.
I have known tremendously great and very dedicated people of God, but I have never known one who was willing to go to hell himself for others. Would that not mean that others were loved more than the Christ of one’s salvation? Such simply is not possible. But is this not what Paul was saying, or did he actually say something else?
Young’s Literal Translation of the scriptures translates this verse, “For I was wishing, I myself, to be anathema from the Christ for my brethren, my kindred, according to the flesh.” Notice “Was.” The apostle was referring to his past. Surely, this is what Paul meant: while he was a practicing Pharisee, he was zealous in persecuting Christians, and wanted nothing to do with the Christ. He wanted to please his kindred according to the flesh. 
The following verses in Romans Nine explain that there is a difference between the fleshly Israel (whom he sought to please earlier) and the true seed of promise. In context then, this verse makes a lot better sense than painting a pious picture that no human could fulfill, and one that would be wrong if it were possible.
So what shall we say then? Share the gospel! Help others as much as possible, but love God more. Remember the first and greatest commandment. Also remember the witness of Solomon in Ecclesiastes 12:13 “Let us hear the conclusion of the matter. Fear God and keep His commandments for this is the whole duty of man.” It is Jesus first, not humanity first!

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Feds Raid, Take Possession, and Bulldoze Large Church to the Ground!

Posted: 12 Feb 2019 09:17 AM PST

Dr. Dixon taken out of church during raid

Posted by Don Boys on February 8, 2019

Helicopters whirled overhead, snipers were poised on the roof of the K Mart across the street and on the church roof, and the street was full of people and Indianapolis City Police cars. Wow, surely terrorists had taken over the church and the good guys came to rescue innocent Christians. No, afraid not. The terrorists were all in uniform charged with taking control of a Baptist Church. Inside, about 30 people had spent the night as they had for 92 days but many others had gone to work so only 8 people along with pastors and associates praying at the altar were taken out of the church by police officials.

For the first time in American History, the Federal Government, under color of law, put a large Baptist Church out of the Gospel business. Well, at least they tried.

It was February 13, 2001 when 85 federal officials (FBI, ATF, etc.) supported by Indianapolis Police Officers (doing crowd and traffic control) raided the Indianapolis Baptist Temple (IBT), known as the 11th largest church in America, according to Christian Life Magazine. Dr. Greg J. Dixon was the long time pastor but his son Greg A. Dixon was now the church leader. The church was being raided not for unpaid taxes as almost everyone declared, but for permitting their school teachers (my daughter was one), administrators, etc., to pay their own FICA taxes. Thousands of American churches have always followed that practice.

It is interesting that the Marion County Sheriff’s Department under Jack Cottey refused to participate in the raid. Jack was a principled man who had also served in the Indiana House of Representatives where I had served.

The Indianapolis church leaders refused to handle the withholding since the government cannot force a church to be a tax collector: the lowest, most hated position in New Testament times. However, no one refused to pay taxes and no taxes were owed. It was simply the Federal Government, then run by newly installed President George W. Bush, letting everyone know that churches must kowtow to Washington or they would be put out of the Gospel business. Federal Marshall Frank Anderson was in charge of the illegal raid and was elected Marion County Sheriff in 2003, serving until 2011. Of course, the Feds had declared the church’s action to be illegal; consequently, the raid was “legal.”

We were seeing the assertion and application of might at the expense of what is right. The IBT discovered that Voltaire was right when he said that it is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong. The church was right; the feds were wrong.

Some local media people were in the church having spent many nights sleeping on the floor and church pews along with pastors from across America. Some of the media had characterized the church people, especially the pastors, as being “patriots” (gasp!), “militia” etc. Some even spoke of guns even though the pastors had made it clear that no guns would be permitted. and no violence would take place. But you can’t be too careful; these are Baptists—you know like John (the Baptist) or Jerry (Falwell) or Billy (Graham)—so an overwhelming force was ordered along with the snipers on the rooftops.

You can’t be too careful you know. Some of those Baptists might even thump their Bibles (KJV, of course) and that could be dangerous especially if the thumping were caught on television.
The raid was ordered by former two-term Missouri Governor and U.S. Senator and active Christian layman in the Assemblies of God and the now U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft. John also wrote, “Let the Eagle Soar” and sang it after his speech at the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in 2002—where both my son and grandson earned their doctorates. The song was satirically featured in Michael Moore’s movie Fahrenheit 9/11. While the lyrics are mediocre, and John’s voice is tolerable, I recommend that John not surrender his license to practice law.

The Christian school building, home to hundreds of students and the 2,000-seat auditorium on 20 acres of prime property, were padlocked and later bulldozed to the ground to make room for a new Charter School. Hundreds of Christian students and thousands of church members were now homeless—thanks to GOP President George W. Bush.

This case had been simmering for seventeen years when pastor Dr. Greg J. Dixon and his son and co-pastor refused to withhold FICA taxes on the church school staff. At the time of the raid, the younger Dixon was pastor and served as pastor until December of 2015 when Matt Roller was called to that position.

Ashcroft wrote a book after he was out of office and dedicated seven pages to the Indianapolis Baptist Temple tragedy. He alleged that the church was guilty of “tax evasion” but that is not true. He admitted in his book that the church employees paid their own taxes from funds “received from the church.” Ashcroft also alleged that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against the church; however, that is another mistake: the Court refused to hear the case.

During the raid, Pastor Greg A. Dixon asked one of the marshals if he was not a member of a local Southside, Bible-preaching church that was not taking FICA out of the church staff’s salary—what the Indianapolis Baptist Temple was charged with. He refused to answer.

About that time, another marshal asked Dr. Dixon for the keys to his car that he promised to move to the K Mart lot so it would not be impounded. Dr. Dixon appreciated his kindness. The AP carried a story revealing that the church parsonage that had been the pastor’s home for 32 years had been taken by the feds. After the eviction, the media quoted Mrs. Dixon as saying, “Wait until you see me in my new home.”

All the principal people involved with the church were highly committed and principled people—not the rebels and anti-government trouble makers as presented by most of the media. Paul Harvey led his national broadcast with a fair and positive report of the raid and most of the other national media dealt with it with their normal critical spin. Congressman Ron Paul wrote a wonderful defense of IBT in his Congressional Bulletin.

About sixty of those who served in the church ministry were audited by the IRS, and it was concluded that they had no tax liability of any substantial degree and all had paid their own tax liability including both shares of the Social Security Tax. This of course means that the valuable property, built and financed over many years by dedicated Christians, was seized to satisfy a bogus tax bill that had already been paid.

Why would our government be so vicious and unethical and illegal? Because government is in the control business and true churches refuse to permit secular control since every theologian is aware of the lordship of Christ over everything. Federal prosecutor Douglas Snoeyenbos was quoted as saying that the “higher ups in the U.S. Justice Department are out to totally destroy the pastor and the Indianapolis Baptist Temple.” He also expressed personal dislike for Dr. Dixon even though he had never met him according to the church attorney. Well, I’ve never met Snoeyenbos and I don’t like him or his name, but then he can’t help that.

The church has a memo from the Treasury Department in the mid-eighties (date illegible) signed by an IRS agent declaring that the pastor of the Indianapolis Baptist Temple “spoke out against the IRS and other government agencies in general” which shows the feds have no respect for freedom of speech, religion, etc. It is perfectly legal and ethical to speak out against various agencies. After all, one can abhor an administration or agencies without hating his nation.

I often spoke out on television and wrote about government intrusion in personal lives and into church matters. I even testified at a congressional hearing in Washington dealing with the IRS attempted takeover of Christian schools. I then published it in my first book, Liberalism: A Rope of Sand! I also wrote a scalding letter to the FBI about their treatment of Dr. Dixon regarding another incident. I wonder if the feds have a file on me. Or you.

U.S. Attorney Robert Metzler admitted in federal court in Indianapolis on August 23, 2001, that the Indianapolis Baptist Temple owes no taxes if they would only file for an exemption, which shows that this was not a tax issue—but who will control the Lord’s assembly, God or the IRS. He said the same thing in oral argument at the Seventh Circuit on May 11, 2000. U.S. Attorney Metzler said twice before the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeal on that same day that “an uncontrolled church is untenable” in America today. But then, thousands of churches in America conduct their affairs just like the Indianapolis Baptist Temple. Will the government begin closing those churches? Are the churches left alone because they are so docile?

Frankly, I am not concerned with an uncontrolled church but I am very concerned about an uncontrolled government. George Washington said, “Government is like fire, a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” Our founding fathers knew what current officials refuse to recognize about federal government: A government out of control is like a forest fire that destroys everything in its path.

So, our government planned a dangerous raid on God’s church against innocent people because the pastors had spoken against pornography, the IRS, and leftists in general and had done so for decades. Moreover, few local pastors, even Baptists, stood with the church much to their shame. Many of those pastors were and still are my friends but they showed cowardice rather than courage at that time.

Hundreds of students in their Christian school and thousands of church members had their rights attacked by their own government officials who had sworn to protect those rights. The large, expensive buildings were bulldozed to the ground. Students were no longer taught by committed teachers and hymns of praise no longer echoed along East Street. Alas, the enemy had won!

But that was the prelude. The story continues. Like the Phoenix (the pagan Greek myth), IBT rose from the ashes. The Indianapolis Baptist Temple is even stronger than before and has multiplied its ministries many times. After the raid, the church immediately moved services to a large new public high school auditorium about five minutes from the original church and school buildings.

The wounded church rented similar buildings for five and one half years. Finally, Pastor Greg A. Dixon led the church to lease a large sports building near Interstate 65, only five minutes from the interchange. The church renovated the complex and continued their work of world evangelism.

After serving as pastor until 2015, Pastor Dixon resigned to be followed by a member of the church, Matt Roller. The IBT is alive and well and the disgraced government officials responsible for the illegal raid are (mostly) now has-beens with a badly soiled record. Others have died.

Many will declare that the officials were only doing their job, a defense that is a non-defense. Principled people will never do wrong even if it costs them everything. Bush was wrong to permit the raid. John Ashcroft was wrong to authorize it and should have told Bush that he respectfully should not carry out the church raid. U.S. Marshal Frank Anderson should have informed Washington officials that he would not participate in taking a church away from its members. The 84 other federal agents should have refused to be involved. And the Indianapolis Police Department should have refused federal orders including individual officers. There is nothing wrong in resisting an authority to obey a higher authority. It’s better to be hated for being right than to be honored for being wrong.

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William Andrew Dillard
Parson to Person

Long, long ago, God forged a mighty nation of Hebrew people enslaved in Egypt. He delivered them, blessed them, and brought them to the Promised Land. Extraordinary victories, great miracles, and provisions attributable only to God’s blessings were embedded into their minds and hearts, but Judges tells the repetitious story of the propensity of men to follow the flesh instead of God. “A new generation arose that knew not God.” Sadly, men have not changed!
Fast forward! Out of the deadly fires of persecution in the Inquisition, God delivered His people by opening up the Western Hemisphere in general and America in particular for their unparalleled freedom and growth. Through famine, wars, and civil turmoil, God blessed His churches in this new land. It was then that the god of this world laid plans to inundate the nation with material things far removed from the support of its Gross National Product by printing baseless script to direct faith to Caesar. Misled churches hailed this as blessings from above.
Simply put, it is easier, and highly tempting, to follow the dictates of the flesh. Soon, churches, which flourished briefly in inflated abundance, found unwittingly that materialism had substituted God. Youth then failed to follow the faith of their fathers. Pulpits became filled with stand-up comedians and CEO’s of social clubs. Services were scaled down. Revivals ceased. God was removed from public prayers and schools. Innocent lives were butchered on demand by the millions. Churches became even more moderate, bowing to a social agenda in an ever-losing battle for the attention of the masses. 
At last, some have awakened to ask why the rolls are full, but the pews are empty? It is the continuing last state of churches whose members are detached from the spirit and mission of the church. Oh, but those roll members are indeed attached. They are attached to their detachment, and few are open to change. Churches previously offering men spiritual salvation and truth, sank in their deluded dream of individual kingdom-building, and panic of material debts. So gravitating to social programs to compete, they ultimately found themselves inadequate to compete materially in a God forsaken religious world, or able to deal properly and spiritually with a people who are minus an ear for spiritual things, not unlike the society of Lot’s day. Church-house padlocks are now becoming common. What a crazy course of history! What foolish decisions by spiritual institutions! Caring ministers and churches now cry and preach to a people firmly attached. . . to spiritual detachment! Evermore then is the cry heard: “Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus.”

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Confederacy or Conspiracy

It is easy to cry “a confederacy,” but that union which is not based upon the truth of God is rather a conspiracy than communion. Charity by all means; but honesty also. Love, of course, but love to God as well as love to men, and love of truth as well as love of union.

Charles H. Spurgeon, in The Downgrade Controversy

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William Andrew Dillard

“ For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” Matt. 24:38, 39.
The Divine description of life in the antediluvian world is one of basic, sinful, sensuality being the daily, driving force; of an epicurean society who did not eat to live, but lived to eat, drink, and gratify wanton lusts. The deciding clue comes from the rest of that description, “….And knew not until the flood came and took them all away…” 
It was not that they had not heard, but it was one of blatant disbelief that stole their hearing (comprehension and reception of reality) How they must have tired of the 120 year long preachments of Noah and his persistence through decades of ark-building. So, they had neither regard for God nor any sense of accountability to Him. Therein, life degenerates to the lowest level of “me only.” When that determination persists, God gives people over to a reprobate mind to do those things that are not convenient, but rotten, filthy, and without compassion. So, they continued on in a lifestyle of debauchery which they must have thought would never end. 
And the flood came and took them all away, except the righteous man Noah and his family. Jesus’ description of that time was given as a warning sign that the world would degenerate into that same condition as the time of His coming approached. Let the reader pause and read again the first chapter of the book of Romans. Certainly, this is a description of the dark side of civilization in Paul’s day. But that was nearly 2000 years ago. The kind of folks he described were the same kind of those before the flood. Moreover, this type of humanity has multiplied exponentially during the last two millenniums. On the American scene, at least, this has become considered normal and acceptable. It is not that warnings have escaped the scope of their knowledge; rather it is that they refuse to believe them and so discount them altogether. In the strictest sense, THEY KNEW, but tiring of the time, were shocked when the warning they were exposed to became a reality. It is to be repeated! What can be done? Keep sounding the alarm! This evil world system is going down, and all with it who love it. But there may be one here or there who will hear. Still, for the most part it shall be repeated, “And they knew not . . . “ So soon shall the Lord appear and the corrupters of men will cry for the rocks and mountains to fall upon them to hide them from the face of Him who sits on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb.” Rev. 6:16

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The Nature of Sin – Romans 6:12

  1. The Nature of Sin – Romans 6:12
    1. Sin is: – Rom. – 6:16
      1. Sin is a Fact – Gen. 4:7
        1. A fact of experience. – I experience it in my own heart.
        2. A fact of observation. – I see sin in others
        3. A fact of revelation. – Sin is revealed in the Bible – Genesis 6:5,6
          1. The policeman pursues it.
          2. The physicians prescribes because of it.,
          3. The law discovers it.
          4. Conscience condemns it.
          5. God punishes it.
          6. Nobody likes to say “Commit it.”
      2. Sin may be defined but cannot be explained. – John 8:34
        1. To explain sin is to explain it away.
        2. Sin had no place in the original creation.
        3. Sin is a parasite that sucks the soul dry.
        4. Sin made its appearance in a garden of delights.
      3. Sin is: – John 16:8 “And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin.
        1. A Cheat. – It promises pleasure and pays off in pain.
        2. A deceiver. – It promises life and pays off in death.
        3. A destroyer. – It promises profit and pays off in poverty.
        4. Moses looked at sin and chose to suffer affliction with the people of God, rather than enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season.
    2. Sins True Definition:
      1. “Sin is any lack of conformity to, or transgression of the law of God.”
      2. “Sin is any lack of conformity to the law of God, whether in act, disposition, or state.”
      3. The Apostle John: “Sin is the transgression of the law” – I John 3:4b
      4. Sin is violation of the moral law of God and cries out for just retribution.
    3. Sin is: – John 16:9
      1. Missing The Mark.
        1. Missed the Mark in rejecting the Son.
        2. Missed the Mark in serving after salvation.
        3. Missed the Mark in faithfulness.
      2. Man turning aside. –Isaiah 53:6
      3. Competition with God.
        1. In authority – you bought with a price. – I Peter 1:18,19
        2. Adam and Eve decided to become independent of God and create their own law.
        3. They rejected the law of God and became a law unto themselves.
    4. Sin is Certain.
      1. The Reality of Sin
        1. Ask Adam if sin is real in his loss of Eden.
        2. Ask Cain if sin is real in his cry – “My punishment is greater than I can bear.
        3. Ask David when we hear him say – “I acknowledge my transgressions: and my sin is ever before me.”
      2. The Potentiality of Sin
        1. The sin committed reveals a heart of rebellion.
        2. The sin committed reveals a mind bent to the world.
    5. Sin Forgiven through a Mediator. – Romans 5:15
      1. Sin is God’s competitor
      2. The Savior is God’s Mediator –
      3. The First Adam Competed with God for Sovereignty and ruined us all. – I Corinthians 15:45
      4. The last Adam, Jesus Christ, cooperated with God for our salvation.
      5. The first Adam said – “I will.” – Genesis 3:6 – “He did eat.”
      6. The last Adam said – “Not my will, but thy will be done.” – Matthew 26:39
      7. The last Adam said -: I delight to do thy will, O God.” – Psalm 40:8
      8. God’s will led Him along the rough road of suffering through gloomy Gethsemane to bloody Calvary where Jesus cried – “It is Finished.” – John 19:30

Romans – 6:11-14

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