FEBRUARY 17 – Where is Your Trust

FEBRUARY 17 – Where is Your Trust

Psalm 20:7  Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God. 

Where is your trust? Men have a problem in this area. We seem to trust in ourselves before we go to God. I do believe we have been created in a way that we think we can handle situations. Only in failure and at wits end do we seek the face and wisdom of God. The verse following says “They are brought down and fallen ….” Trusting the strength of our own arm is sure failure.

We must remember the name of the Lord. We must consider all of His attributes and promises. Everyone knows that God is love. Do you also know that He is a God of anger and jealousy. Remember He is our Rock, and He is Holy. He is El-Roi, the one that sees us. There is a list of names that represent Gods’ descriptive Characteristics. Why do we wait until we are desperate to call upon Him?

It is time to not trust in ourselves and turn to God. Let us do it early. Begin our day by putting that day in the hands of our Lord. Each great undertaking should be prefaced with prayer to the One that wants our success by depending on Him. May we set aside our great plans to attract and influence people and put our trust in God that a word about Christ well spoken and the scripture of Gospel will be blessed by God.

Trust God that He will accomplish great things by us using His Word.

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