JANUARY 16 – I know thee by name

JANUARY 16 – I know thee by name

Exodus 33:17 – I know thee by name

How pleasing is this statement, “I know thee by name.” I am not so good with names. Therefore I make the assumption that others are like me. There are times I walk up someone and re-introduce myself to them. Maybe I have met them once before and a considerable amount of time has passed. How surprised and pleased I am when the response is, I know who you are and then they say my name. I often wonder, what was there about me that caused this person to remember my name. Yet I am completely thrilled that I have been remembered.

There is no reason on this earth for God to remember my name. Yet I have no doubt that He does. In this world where so many people dwell at the present time for God to remember my name is astounding. I remember a story I read about a christian college president and the habit he had. A student that had graduated many years before walked into the presidents office and introduced himself and said I know you don’t remember me from all the students that have passed through these halls. That college president said, I do remember you and he pulled out a book and turned the pages and then pointed to that young mans name written there. That president said you are number 345 and I have prayed for you everyday.

God’s memory is not limited by time and space. From Adam and Eve to the last person born on this earth, God remembers. The Lord told Moses, “ … for thou hast found grace in my sight, … “. When my Lord looks down from heaven, He can call me by name. How comforting that is in a day when numbers often replace names. God loves me and knows my name because of His grace and not my worthiness.

Let us strive to have a worthy name because of the Grace of God.

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