January 15 – Idols from familiar things

JANUARY 15 – Idols from Familiar things.

Exodus 32:1-4 – Idols from familiar things.

Everyone knows this story. Moses up on the mountain and God dictating to him the law. 40 days, Moses was gone. That is a little more than a month for us. A short time to be without a physical leader but the weakness and shallowness of the spiritual man could not abide that period of time. We speak about Israel in a negative sense too often. We are so much like Israel and God has laid out His will for us in Written Word. They took familiar things, golden earrings and used those to make their God.

We do the same. How? Our job interferes with our one day a week worship with the Church. I have witnessed men that work five days a week and are off Saturday and Sunday and do not darken the door of the Lord’s House. Their excuse, Saturday I have to do my chores around the house and Sunday is the only day I have to sleep in. Let me tell you what an excuse is, it is a lie wrapped up in the skin of a reason. Job has become an idol.

Pastor, I will not be here this coming Sunday because my kids have an athletic event out of town. Here is a parent that has made athletics their God. They have put athletics as more important than being in the house of God. Their children miss the scriptures and lessons on salvation. What comes to mind is; how many children are not saved and are therefore condemned to a devil’s hell because of the parents decision to make athletics their God. Those same parents will wail and moan after the children are grown about the children not going to church, yet the parents set the pattern. Athletics has become an idol.

Preacher, I live too far away to come to Church. I feel sorry for every pastor that has heard this excuse. Who moved? Did God move? Did the Church move? These same people will drive 30 to 40 minutes to go into town to shop for groceries. They will drive into town to treat the family to a meal or go to the movies. I wonder if in the horse and buggy days, any farmer used this excuse. They couldn’t just hop in a car and go. During the winter, the hay was put in the wagon on Saturday. Sunday morning the usual chores had to be done. Then there was the time to hook the horses to the wagon. If the Church building was just five miles that would mean 25 minutes in freezing cold to get to church.

We really have it rough. Here in the north, there are those faithful members who drive an hour to an hour and a half every Sunday to worship. Yet others has made time an idol.

My father invested in his children by what he instructed us. He told me, his number two son; you can go out for any sport you want to. Just remember this, when there is a revival, an association meeting, any Church event, you will be there. There were times that we were pulled out of school early on a friday because we would be driving from 2 hours to 4 hours for a revival at one of our sister churches or a 2 day association meeting. Instilled within seven children was God is to be worshipped and no other thing was to be an idol to us.

As God told Israel, put your idols away and serve me.

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