I sit here watching snowflakes fall. These beautiful snow flakes pile up and look beautiful. Each flake is unique and as they pile up they look gorgeous and clean and hide the brown ugly beneath. The world sparkles and shines and glitters.

Today is the day of snowflakes. No not the kind that fall from heaven, but the kind raised by doting parents. Several generations of parents have raised their children with games where all are winners. Their children are more special than any other. Each child has grown up to think of themselves as unique and special. They have become selfish and self centered. They are so wrapped up in themselves that they have become totally insensitive to others.

Many are snowflakes in their relationship to God, His son Jesus and the Church that Jesus built, Jesus espoused bride. They want a buffet where they can pick and choose what they believe and what they do. They pick a church by entertainment value and not on Bible doctrine. A snowflake decides what church to attend based upon what program that church has to offer. They are not concerned about truth or personal witness or a close relationship with our LORD. They are the most shallow of people.

The Bible teaches us that there is “none good, no not one. “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” It is time to acknowledge our sinfulness and wickedness and find what humility truly is. The only way to reach the lost is by out pure witness and the humility that comes with knowing what we truly are when compared to a righteous and Holy God.

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