Contrasting Lives and Results


Psalm 1

Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly,” Psalm 1:1.

The three postures—walking, standing and sitting—cover most of our lives. We rarely think of a person we respect in terms of small incidents, rather, we have a generic, all-encompassing attitude about that person’s walk in life. For example, my mother was a hard-working nurse who would storm the gates of hell for her five children. But, I always thought of her as soft and understanding. I could look at her work-worn hands and they preached a life of suffering from the ravages of childhood polio. Her walk and her stand on any matter were bold and clear, no shades of gray. In her presence, one just knew he had to comply with righteous standards. At the same time, because of a lifetime of suffering, one knew mercy and patience were available in any situation.

God’s Word teaches that a Christian’s life is to be like a perfume. It leaves an essence that reflects his whole character. Even after the person is gone, the world knows that it is a better place because the person passed through on his walk to his Father’s house.

In the days when Englishmen kept daily journals, a member of parliament took the day off to carry his neglected son fishing. The outing was fraught with difficulties, and the father entered in his journal, “Today I took my son fishing, the worst day of my life.” The son entered into his journal, “Today my dad took me fishing, the grandest day of my life.” All of our small incidents in life add up to one generic character that people remember.



A tree planted by the river brings forth much fruit, especially if it is the River of Life.

Robert Brock

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