“Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” Rev. 13:18.
Much speculation, mostly quite wild, surrounds this verse of scripture, particularly among those not noted as biblical scholars, but as ones given to sensationalism, either for their own pleasure or for the captivation of attention of those less informed than they. So, dare we protrude into that speculative world, or may sane, sensible, understanding prevail which is in total harmony with all the rest of the 66 books of holy writ? Let’s think about it!
“Beast” in prophetic terms, and often in modern vernacular as well, refers to government, the organizational direction of nationalities. “Man” in this verse of scripture is not in the ancient Greek of the New Testament,“aner,” a man, but “Anthropos,” “mankind, species.” “Wisdom” is the proper application of knowledge. With this information, a literal translation of the ancient Greek is offered. “Here the wisdom is, the one having the mind (to spiritually calculate) let him pebble (count) the number of the wild beast, for it is number of humankind, and the number of it is 666.”
Are you thinking with me?
What is the number of humankind? Biblical numerics consistently place it as six. On the sixth day mankind was created; hence, it becomes its number. But what may be said about the plural number? It is this. Mankind was made in the image of Almighty God, his creator. God is a trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Therefore mankind was made to be triune creatures. Every person possesses an intellect after the similitude of the Father, a body after the similitude of the Son, and a very real spirit after the similitude of the Holy Spirit.
Thus, in the affairs of men values and principles are constantly under assault by the demands of humanism (natural man in his sinful state). Often, changes occur that are unbiblical, immoral, and downright evil. At last, the world of mankind will, by the grace of God, arrive at its ages-long quest: to have a world devoid of any vestige of God. Thus, the final expression of human government will be totally Godless in mind, body, and spirit (666) and the masses of such men will gladly usher in its ultimate leader: THE MAN OF SIN.
So, the knowledge of the Word affords us the wisdom to know that the beast (government) which will finally emerge as the crown jewel of humankind will be humanistic in mind, body, and spirit: 6, and 6, and 6. Can that day be far away?

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