Author: Andrew Dillard


One of the universal requisites by which life among men is constantly reckoned is the passage of time. Aside from the devices that measure it in seconds, minutes, hours, there is the calendar that measures days, weeks, months, and years. The existence of men, and other life forms, is thus measured in concert with calendar changes. Fortunes are spent in vain attempts to reverse the years, but all that is achieved is a fleeting façade. Then on an uncircled date, the calendar stops, and the measurement of life is chiseled in stone from birth to death. Some of those dates indicate a lengthy life; others extremely short, but for each one, his/her calendar stopped on a specific date.
Preserved history is strewn with instances of calendar stoppage as windows of wisdom for all succeeding generations. The whole world was given 120 years in Noah’s day. The calendar would not yield another day beyond that. Destruction was indelibly marked. The calendar stopped there. The calendar stopped for all the Hebrew men above 20 years of age, as well as their great leader, Moses before they reached the destination and reason for leaving Egypt. They would not enter the Promised Land due to faithless action. Their calendar stopped there.
Forty days were determined on Nineveh, that great city of the Medo-persian Empire, as Jonah faithfully proclaimed. Their calendar would not admit day 41. But the God of the calendar was entreated by them in repentance, and their judgment was averted. Do you understand this?
Luke 12:20 tells us of a rich man who was, in the final analysis, a fool. He worked hard. He laid up much. He pulled down his barns and built bigger ones until at last he concluded that he had enough laid up for many years, so it was time to eat, drink, and be merry. But it was not to be. His calendar stopped on the very night of his retirement, leaving his wealth to others.
The date is not marked in red or circled on the calendar, but the swift, unalterable passage of time is consistently pressing every living thing forward to it. It is the date the calendar stops and time is no more. It is eternity where clocks and calendars are not, and the state of life is forever fixed. Soon, men will say in remembrance of you, his/her calendar stopped here. Are you ready for that? Believe me, Jesus is the only acceptable preparation for the permanent stoppage of your calendar. Repentance from sin, and placing faith in Jesus are the wisest things any person will do in the days of his calendar

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