219 – August, 07 – This Day in Baptist History Past


Biblical church discipline

Jeremy Courtnay did not attend the meeting on the next “Day of Prayer” August 07, 1679, that he had been asked to attend by Brothers Bodenham and Snead who were appointed to contact him and inform him that he was expected to attend. And the congregation finding no evidence of true repentance, “did agree together to cast him out of ye Church: having sent two Brethren ye Lord’s day before to him, to summon him to attend ye Congregation this day for prayer; but he came not…Yet, Notwithstanding, ye Congregation proceeded to theire duty. And therefore, one of ye Ruleing Elders, Namely, Br. Terrill, by consent of ye whole Congregation then assembled, did pronounce ye sentence…This evening ended, with lamentation and sore trouble that wee were forced, for ye preservation of ye Glory of God and ye Churches purity, thus proceed to our duty, as ye last means to endeavour his recovery…For what Christ will Judge hereafter, his people should Judge here, and have noe fellowship with such workes of darkness.”  This was not a hasty decision by the church. Prior to that, on Sept. 8, 1677, six brethren visited Brother Courtnay to reprove and admonish him of “his sinne of drunkenness that hee was fallen into.” He declared his repentance and asked for prayer. On Dec. 12 he was dealt with for drunkennesse. On March 7, 1678, the pastor admonished Jeremy Courtnay for the second time in the presence of the church. On March 19 his wife asked the brethren to keep a solemn day of fasting and prayer at their home for him which they did on the 21st day of the month. Can Jeremy Courtnay say before God, “No man cared for my soul?”

Dr. Greg J. Dixon: From: This Day in Baptist History Vol. I: Cummins/Thompson, pp. 323-25.

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