Prayer for Help  

Psalm 141:3, 4

“Set a watch, O Lord, before my mouth; keep the door of my lips,” Psalm 141:3.


Have you ever been around those people who must speak their mind, no matter how or whom it hurts? This type of person makes me nervous. They are dangerous for many reasons, not the least being the poison arrows they shoot out of their mouths may boomerang and hit the person next to them. What is even worse they have harmed many of the Lord’s churches as they claim to be Christians.

God does not need people like that in His army. He has the Holy Spirit to convict and correct His children. God does allow calm and loving correction administered by mature believers if they speak the truth in a loving manner.

If God convicts one of being a person of quick tongue and slow mind, one of those who must say what is on their mind, then, like David, we need to utter the above prayer daily. Perhaps it would be better to memorize it, then, we can say it in place of what we think we must say and say it until we get lip locked. We can write it on our hearts and the hinges of our jaws or just a three by five card and memorize it, so that we will not bring reproach on the Lord’s work. If we are not careful, harmful words can spew out of our mouths before we know it. We, like David, need to allow God to put a guard on our lips.




If you must say something, say, Let my mouth be filled with thy praise and with thy honour all the day (Psalm 71:8).


Beverly Barnett

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