David’s Covenant with Jonathan

1 Samuel 20:14-17
“So Jonathan made a covenant with the house of David, saying, Let the Lord even require it at the hand of David’s enemies,” 1 Samuel 20:16.
The concept of covenant relationships—especially in friendships—is not common in our culture today. Some may understand “covenant” (verse 16) as it relates to marriage, but most people do not engage in covenant relationships. Why is covenant so foreign to our relationships? One of the biggest reasons more people are not keen to the concept of covenant is because it entails, first and foremost, unconditional love.
We are familiar with the ideas of acquaintances, informal friendships and contracts, but these types of relationships can easily be manipulated by the participants for personal gain. If I approach a relationship with a mind-set of a contract, I will only be your friend as long as it suits me, and as long as you are benefitting me in some way. This kind of friendship is really not friendship at all because I can end it if I think you are not upholding your end of the bargain.
The kind of relationship that existed between David and Jonathan was a covenant friendship. This kind of relationship is not dependent upon either party fulfilling a set of obligations but is much deeper, founded upon the bedrock of truth and unconditional love. This is the preferred kind of relationship because it shows the kind of love God has for each of us. He has sworn a solemn vow to us in a covenant relationship through His Son, Jesus. When we strike up these deep relationships with others, we display God’s covenant-keeping love for us.

Will you display God’s unconditional love today?

Mark Clements

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  1. Gede Prama

    Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful words and for such a wonderful response…:)


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