Lucy_hutchinsonLucy Hutchinson

Not many noble are called

Pg. 39 – COL. AND LUCY HUTCHINSON – NOBEL BAPTISTS IN ENGLA ND STAND FOR LIBERTY AND BAPTIST PRINCIPLES – Lucy Hutchinson was born on January 29, 1620 in the Tower of London where her father, Sir Allen Apsley was governor. Before she was grown she received Christ as Savior and gave herself to Him in wholehearted service. She married Col. John Hutchinson and then he was appointed governor of Nottingham and its castle. They exerted great influence for English liberty. John was born in 1616 and had a large estate. When the civil war broke, out five soldiers were carried to the castle, and Lucy cared for them by binding up their bleeding limbs. The Hutchinsons were Presbyterians, and became converted as Baptists upon the birth of their first child, when they began to examine the scriptures concerning infant baptism. While assisting the wounded in the castle Lucy found some notes that Baptist soldiers had left from their Bible study and prayer meeting. They convinced her of believer’s baptism. George Fox, who founded the Society of the Friends, found Col. John his chief protector when Fox was a prisoner at Nottingham. The Scripture doesn’t say, “not any, but, not many noble are called. Dr. Greg J. Dixon; adapted from:  Day in Baptist History Vol. I: Cummins Thompson/   pg. 39.

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