Names of God – Other ’Ēl Compounds


There are many other compounds of ’Ēl, each of which reveals to us a little more of God’s nature and work. Let us note some (but still not all) of them today and marvel even more in who God is. There is Mighty God, or even Heroic God (’Ēl-Gibbôr, H1368, Isa_10:21), God of Knowledge (’Ēl-Dē‘āh, H1844, 1Sa_2:3), God of Glory (’Ēl-Kāḇôḏ, H3519, Psa_29:3), the Everlasting God (’Ēl-‘Ôlām, H5769, Gen_21:33), the God of Seeing (’Ēl-Ro’iy, H7210, Gen_16:13), and even the Jealous God (’Ēl-Qannā’, H7067, Exo_20:5; Deu_4:24; Deu_5:9; Deu_6:15; Jos_24:19; Nah_1:2).


Illustrating “that there is none other God but one” (1Co_8:4) and that any other “god” is a false one, we discover that He is the Living God (’Ēl-Chay, H2416, Jos_3:10; 1Sa_17:26; 1Sa_17:36; 2Ki_19:4; 2Ki_19:16; Psa_42:2; Psa_84:2; Isa_37:4; Jer_10:10; Jer_23:36; Dan_6:20; Dan_6:26; Hos_1:10) and the One God (’Ēl-’Echād, H259; Mal_2:10).


Deeper, many ’Ēl compounds illustrate God’s personal relationship with believers. He is the God of Bethel (Ēl-Bēyṯ-‘ēl, H1008; Gen_31:13; Gen_35:7), demonstrating that He comes to where we are. He is God My Rock (’Ēl- Sela‘iy, H5553; Psa_42:9), picturing the security and refuge we find in Him. Also, God is My Strength and Power or even God Is My Fortress(’Ēl-Mā‘ûzziy [and] Chayil, H4581 and H2428, 2Sa_22:33), assuring us that He is with us in battle.


Deeper still, in a redemptive sense, He is the God Who Formed Me (’Ēl-Chûl, H2342, Deu_32:18), showing us He is our true Father. Also, He is God Our Savior (’Ēl- Yāša‘, H3467, Psa_106:19-21), declaring that He alone is the Deliverer, as He delivered His people from Egypt—a truth they forgot when they made and worshipped the golden calf.


So from the first occurrence of ’Ēl (Gen_14:18) to the last (Mal_2:10), God gives us glimpses into who He is and what He does. He is, indeed, the “God of gods, and Lord of lords, a great God, a mighty, and a terrible” (Deu_10:17). “Great” is gāḏôl (H1419), which “emphasizes the importance, size, and significance of something or someone.” Does that not truly sum up who He is?


Scriptures for Study: Read some of (or all) the verses mentioned in today’s study and marvel in your God (Exo_6:7, and some 180 other occurrences of those words).





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