Reminiscences of a Long Life

James M. Pendleton was born is Spotsylvania County, Virginia, on November 20, 1811. The Pendleton family moved to Kentucky when James was a year old. Having trusted Christ as Saviour in the loving environment of his home, J. M. Pendleton was baptized on April 11, 1829.  He began to preach immediately, and was trained at a seminary in Hopkinsville.  He was ordained on November 1, 1833, and served two churches as pastor.  On March 13, 1838, J. M. married Miss Catherine Garnettt, and they made their home in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  For the next twenty years the man of God served the Baptist church there.  J. M. stood strong against Baptists opening their pulpits to non-baptized believers who had not obeyed the Lord’s command.  He wrote his views in a booklet entitled “An Ancient Landmark Reset.”   On January 1, 1857, J. M. left Bowling Green and moved to Murfreesboro, Tennessee, to teach preacher boys at Union University.  In 1862 in sympathy with the Northern cause, moved to Hamilton, Ohio, where he served as pastor for a short period.  His Last pastorate was the Upland Baptist Church in Pennsylvania, and while there, he assisted in founding Crozer Theological Seminary. Pendleton was an excellent writer, and his “Baptist Church Manual” was used for years by many Baptist churches as their guide.  On his seventy-ninth birthday, Pendleton began to write a volume entitled “Reminiscences of a Long Life,” and he completed the task within two months.  The life of the man of God terminated on March 5, 1891, and his funeral was conducted by T. T. Eaton of Louisville, Kentucky.  He was buried in the Fairview Cemetery in Bowling Green.

Dr. Dale R. Hart, adapted from: “This Day in Baptist History III”  David L. Cummins. pp. 133  – 134.

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