The Heroine of Burma

Four preachers gathered at the grave site in March of 2004 where they were rewarded for their efforts.  Two Americans and two Burman men had made the trip-all intent on finding the place where the remains of Ann Judson had been laid to rest.  Ann had originally been buried under a Hopia tree near the waters of a Bay in the Indian Ocean, but with the incursion of the waters, it had been necessary to disinter her body and bury it a bit further inland.  They were still in sight of the ocean, and they stood there in silence as they thought of the faithfulness of their Heroine-Ann of Ava-and her years of devoted service.  A national had written: Though Ann’s thirteen years in Burma exceeded the average for those early days, her death, when prospects looked so promising, was a great loss to the growing church.

Thirteen years . . . . .  which must have seemed an eternity crowded into that short period of time.  Adoniram and Ann were two and a half years away from home before they received their first letter from the homeland!  The first home letter was laid in their hands, and after three years of waiting, came the assurance that the Baptist churches of America had accepted the Judson’s as their first missionaries and assumed responsibility for their support.

When the hour of her departure from this life came, Ann’s mate was away serving the Lord.  As the dusk settled upon the scene, Ann’s spirit soared into the brightness of an eternal dawn.  Some weeks later her broken-hearted husband returned.

Dr. Dale R. Hart, adapted from:  “This Day in Baptist History III”  David L. Cummins. pp. 131 – 132

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