Pickings by Robert G. Lee, D.D., LL.D.
Pastor, Bellevue Baptist Church, Memphis, Tenn.

Relating R. A. Torrey
Torrey Talking Torridly
“Any man who denies a fact is a fool. God is the supreme fact of nature, history, personal life. Therefore, he who denies the supreme fact is a supreme fool.”
“The ballroom permits of familiarity which is permitted by decent people nowhere.”
“The boy who would disown his mother is not so infamously ungrateful as you men and women who know that Christ died for you and who are so mean and contemptible and cowardly that you will not confess Him.”
“In regard to Christ’s death for you, there are those who are racially and scoundrelly ingrates.”
“All the hypocrites are going to hell.”
“Oh, how cold we are!”
“The trouble, you are filthy on the inside.”
“You are not idiots, but you act like it, God’s love considered.”

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