Christianity Today Poll
Should Christians resist full body ‘nude’ scans and invasive pat-downs at the airport?
Yes, because it violates our civil liberties. – 24%
Yes, because the Bible calls us to modesty. – 10%
No, our country’s security is at stake. – 27%
No, I don’t know what the big deal is. – 28%
I don’t know. – 12%

And there are those that wonder about the United States not being called a Christian Nation. We have a marvellous God that has clothed the fields in great beauty. He has cast across the vast heavens a cloud of stars that are absolutely gorgeous in the night sky. He two people and clothed them so that they would be modest and decent in appearance. These values have been taught in the Lord’s Churches since Jesus walked this earth. The Old Testament standards of decency and being clothed is unparalleled. Virtuousness has been taught and emphasised in God’s Word. So why only 10% of the people answering this poll say no to these invasive procedures based on the modesty of the Bible.

Now I presume that those that read Christianity Today, would call themselves Christians. That leaves me with the thought that they maybe don’t understand what modesty truly consists of. I drift to the thought of personal licentiousness. Christianity today has no problem with exposing the body to leering looks from the opposite gender. Sinful desensitation has taken place and leering and lusting is no longer condemned. In fact there are those that seek this form of sensuality and attain the only value and worth that they possess from this.

Any “Christian” (so called) that does not object to these procedures do not deserve the title “Christian.” There is not one reason to subject a person to this degraded, satan inspired humiliation.

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2 responses to “DECENCY

  1. What am I thinking, watching someone patting my wife down.


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