Esther’s Song

Esther was a Jew girl,

she learned her lessons well

with cousin Mordecai she did dwell

She learned lessons of virtue

and they served her well

into the castle she was propelled

Ugly Mr. Haman with pride did swell

and wanted to kill God’s people

God’s word does tell

God’s plan is not thwarted

can’t you tell

He had a virtuous maiden that heard so well

She saved God’s chosen people

by planning well

She’s honored as a heroine Jews do tell.

And for such a time as this as this

I was raised for a time such as this

And if I Perish, I Perish for God

For such a time as this!


Filed under Inspirational

5 responses to “Esther’s Song

  1. Repetition is the mother of learning.


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