Israel and Allies

Israel and Allies

An Ottawa Minister says: An attack on Israel is an Attack on Canada.

By – Tzi Ben Gedalyahu – This should be the position of the U.S. I do not believe that at present we are as definitive and certain in our support of our ally as Canada is at this time. “Canada has been one of Israel’s staunchest allies, and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper last week called for a coordinated international effort to halt ‘the grave danger’ of Iran’s pursuit of nuclear capability. Both Harper and Kent condemned Iran for human rights abuses.

My question is, where does the U.S. Stand in this issue? My studies lead me to the belief that my nation will not intercede on the side of Israel. My study of Ezekiel 38 and the reading of verse 13 reveals to me that English speaking nations are only verbal in interceding on Israel’s behalf when they are invaded.

This shows me that America is no longer a world player. They have been weakened to the extent that they are no longer a power in the world and no longer have an influence.

Our nation is being weakened from within and without. From within by the deterioration of morals. We have blood on out hands from dead unborn babies. We have become a nation of liars from the top down. The saddest part is that we have put the liars and cheats in the position of leadership and we allow them to stay. From within we are being destroy by the claim that good is bad, and bad is good. Yes we have it turned around and the Bible prophesied of this very thing. Today we are told that there should not be prayer or the ten commandments in school, yet since we have been a nation and established schools, we have always had prayer and the ten commandments. As a matter of fact our first schools were established by churches and good church people. The earliest texts books for many was the Bible. The positive years of history should prove to anyone that the law of God has had only positive influences on our nation.

There was a day when congress and the White House were responsive to the people and wanted what is best for our nation. That is no longer true. The attempt today is to see how much of the workers money can be taken to pay for the massive debt that our elected representatives have placed upon our back.

We have those that tout climate change, not for the benefit of the earth but to line pockets for the gain they can make. They are not concerned for the suffering of the people. They are people without souls. I say this because man is made in the image of God and is of greater value to God than this cursed planet which God will renew one day.

We are being destroyed from without by selling our debt to other nations. We are at the point that those nations do not want to buy our debt. Other nations own us. We are down sizing our military and out sourcing those things that our military need to fight a war. There will come a point where we will bot be able to defend our selves much less come along side our allies in their defense. According to Neanyahu and Jan Markel, Ezekiel 37 has been fulfilled. Read Ezekiel 38 and 39 and see what you think about what will happen next.

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