Spiritual Gifts 6


May we take a look at I Corinthians 12.

There were a number of things that the Church at Corinth was doing wrong. Paul has been setting them straight in previous chapters on several different areas. Now he proceeds to the misuse and abuse of the gifts. Verses 1-11 We have basically covered these verses in previous studies. I do like the way Paul starts out – :I would not have you ignorant brethren.” Paul inspired by God wants to enlighten us as to the Gifts.

Verses 12-31 compares the gifts to the body. First let us clear up one item that is commonly misunderstood about the pastor epistles. Paul is writing to the Church at Corinth and comparing it to the body of a person. He is not comparing a universal anything to the body, just the Church at Corinth. Within the Church at Corinth, Paul is making the point that not all will speak in tongues. Today, there are those that have made several statements to me. One is the question about me having ever spoken in tongues. No I haven’t. God has blessed me with the gift of preaching. There is also the statement that one has not received the Holy Spirit until that person speaks in tongues. I have no clue where this came from or what scripture is used to try and support this fallacious statement.

The gifts are listed one by one. Now list the parts of your body one by one. Paul makes his point so clear that none should be able to misunderstand. If your body was all mouth how noisy it would be. The body could not go anywhere because of no feet. The body could not gain knowledge because there would be no ears to hear. Each part of our body serves a specific purpose. The same is applicable to the Church. Each gift was given for a specific reason or purpose. The misuse and or abuse of these gifts is a concern for Paul. His statement is that one would be given one gift and someone else another gift. Not all would have the same gift.

Paul says to “…covet earnestly the best gifts: and yet shew I unto you a more excellent way.”

Next time we will look at chapter 13.


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2 responses to “Spiritual Gifts 6

  1. Hope


    I pray daily, I read my Bible, I try and study 🙂 but this gifts thing confuses me.. I guess because I don’t know what my gift is. I have asked the Lord to reveal to me what it is that I have to better serve him but I have not recieved the answer, at least not in a way I see or understand. How do we know what are gift is… obviously, yours is preaching, but as a woman that can not be my calling. I thirst for the word and don’t feel as if I am able to be a teacher, I still have a lot to learn.. I want to be whatever it is the he has for me, I don’t want to fall short and not honor what he has given me by not seeing it.. again, how do you know what gift he gave you?


    • Hope, Maybe you are searching for a gift and that gift might be you. The gift you have brought to Sunday School are the questions you ask that cause everyone to think. The gift that endears you to others is the charm you exude and the friendliness that you display. These are wonderful gifts to be used. Your laughter fills others with joy. So tell me again what you are searching for.


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