Christ May Appear Any Moment


Mat 24:44 Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.

For many years, I have heard of many road blocks that have kept the Lord from returning. As I have read and studied God’s Word, I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing prohibiting the Lord’s return. All prophecies have been fulfilled and the gospel has gone out to all the world. In Paul’s day, everything was set for the return of the Lord.

What is delaying His return? Why is this world still suffering under the curse of sin? Because the Lord is merciful and full of grace, desiring that all might be saved. He died for all but so few respond to Him today. His desire is that you might experience the New Birth as described in John chapter 3.

The warning is there and should be heeded. Be Ready. If you don’t know Jesus as your personal Savior, you need to take care of that now. God’s Word says that now is the accepted time. Today is the day of salvation. If the Lord comes and you are not prepared, condemnation awaits you along with eternal suffering and torment.

If you are saved, are you separated from the world and living a life that brings honor and glory to God. What is a life that brings honor and glory to God? First it begins with a prayer life where we converse with the Lord daily. Second, there is the need to know our Savior more intimately and that requires regular study of His Word which reveals Him to us. Third, we need to be actively serving Him. Pay attention to what He tells us in Ephesians 3:21 – “Unto Him be glory in the Church. There are many imitators in the world today. Do not be fooled by something that carries the label church. Jesus began His Church during His personal ministry. He endowed it with certain doctrines and a specific make up that is so different from many organizations that call themselves churches today. If I call a horse a cow, it does not make that horse a cow. You have the responsibility of finding the Church that Jesus built. We serve Him through His Church.

Are you ready, if not; Get ready! He could come now!

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